Текст песни Gang Starr - The Militia

Moment Of Truth
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Gang Starr
Альбом: Moment Of Truth
Длительность: 04:49
Рейтинг: 1179
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Загрузил: Samoa


"There's a bulletin state police Princeton Junction" "The militia... Certain individuals of unidentified nature is now under complete control" "Hip hop is not what it is today.." "It's the real *echoes*... it's the (militia)" Verse one: Big Shug If heads only knew how I felt about the rap game They'd relocate and change their fuckin name I eradicate movefakers, roll with coat shakers Give dap to mad money makers Shared cells with lifetakers, have sex with rumpshakers I make moves so I'ma earthquaker I've been known to instill fear Although the world may be round, we still trapped in the square City light, got me buggin and trife Some die by the gun, some die by the knife It's alright, like a game of spades I'm trump tight Premier hit me with music to ensure that it thump right And my flight, will be taken solely at night Cause that's when the freaks come out, no doubt And in the dark hours is when I will shower with the knowledge of my trade to get paid Still I make moves like a snake in the grass, roundabout I be dickin it down while you be assed out Puff mad L's but never passed out And if I'm caught up in a jam I blast my way out There'll be no lettin up, just straight shuttin up or we'll start the wettin up Lyrical infrared sceptor never miss you Big Shug, Guru, Freddie Foxxx, The Militia, militia Chorus: Freddie Foxxx Everybody's spittin it, the rhyme is hot Cause it's Big Shug, Guru, and Freddie the Foxxx When Premier bring the beats, no it just don't stop It's The Militia *echoes* Chorus Verse Two: Guru Yo; I ain't one to succumb to no man, but to command And scoop up the troops when it's time to take a stand Emphatically, deep strategies leave casualties I creep gradually, til everybody knows that I got more flows than Rosebud got hoes The anger inside had me trapped til I got geared up with raps to tear you up like big gats for big stacks, watch your back when I send em in Caught you tremblin, my name and face you're rememberin Several attempts, but nah bitch, you'll never win Rhymes pierce your skin or maybe limbs we'll be severin Take you to the mat, peep that, you should keep back My ill-kid format will lay you flat like a doormat that I walk on, I meditate while you talk on And gossip, so I drop my hot shit; fully loaded glock clips So get the fuck out my block, kid As nights turn to days, days go back to nights, we be speaking it right And keeping it tight up in the street life I meet life, head on, no holds barred Born with a heart of gold, now mostly cold and scarred En guard, choose your weapon, or get to steppin Lyrical bullets make you dance from the trance you be kept in Assessments are made before, and during combat I master my hunger, blow the spot when I bomb cats One of us, equals many of us Disrespect one of us, you'll see plenty of us Conflict, is what I predict You and your fellas is mad jealous, attempting to flare We cleverly stalked ya, your fam'll miss ya The war's on, that's why we formed The Militia Chorus Verse Three: Freddie Foxxx You niggaz owe me for my rhymes, I come to collect For you dope fiend niggaz in rap, I here to inject, check My style is water baby, spread it around But when you niggaz don't flow it right and fuck up my sound I get down; in '89 I spit the buck in the face of every MC that came in the place, a scar you'll never erase MC's are only recognized for their flows I'm worldwide for the bitches, that I turned into hoes You heard me spit it on Jew-elz, that's how it goes For all them faking ass niggaz and how I bust up they nose And while your, nose is drippin, and drainin blood I be standing over you screamin, &a
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