Текст песни Swollen Members - Red Dragon

Armed To The Teeth
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Swollen Members
Альбом: Armed To The Teeth
Длительность: 03:10
Рейтинг: 869
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Загрузил: DeadSouljah


[Verse 1: Moka Only] From the lungs of an original member Savagest traveller, pick my teeth with the bones of cadavers Ravaging magic, this rap in your cabbage Swing the battle axe cause I can’t stay average Roll with a maverick who moves by the ‘matic Down with an ice vein, angel misguided The phantom in your cabinet will rise Why can’t they fathom the pattern of the sky? It’s dark when I wake, light comes when I sleep The fight comes out the way you walk on the street Embark on my feet ?, science discoveries Acid on your brain makes the hole seem lovely And you thought I couldn’t rock this way You thought wrong, partner, my thoughtless ways The most caustic array that I bring when I choose it Fuck when you wanna see me use it [Chorus] *Scratching* Red dragon I’m the leader [Verse 2: Mad Child] Mad Child, I’m unbeatable, fucking unbelievable See a guy that I don’t fucking like and let the heater go See a couple haters, later they don’t wanna see me though Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, drop the Glock, cock it slow Keep your mouth shut, I’ll go out for the paper Shoot your house up then ride off on a skateboard I don’t really need a bitch, bitch you should see the clit Leader of this shit, you should quit, work at Pita Pit I am so competed, I am needed, I am the leader, trick Mad Child’s cracked, don’t trip bitch, eat a dick Never talk to the cops, always plead the fifth Hard rock, look at him like dawg I don’t need this shit I tag and I blast strapped up with a magnum Tattooed up, Gucci jeans still sagging All these little hipsters dressed in pink look like faggots I stay dressed in black and I’m still a motherfucking red dragon [Chorus] [Verse 3: Prevail] Seven three seven, Prev One’s a legend Twist up my two fingers, represent red dragon You hear my go rawr like a dungeon dragon Now change a little ? cause your pants are sheep We the skateboard overloads, kings of the city Rock my deck RDS and my trucks stay Indy Pendant lieutenant, the black Tony Bennett Respect, I get it, you’d better get a medic (Why?) Or maybe anaesthetic cause you rappers looking diabetic Mine is hydroletic, X games, quarter pipe shit Talking all this shit, bitch you can’t even kickflip Balance like a Chinese symbol, my lyrics liquid What? You thought I couldn’t rock this way? You thought wrong, partner, my thoughts display Cause this cosmic array I play in my music You’re fucked if I ever have to use it [Chorus]
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