Текст песни Chase Rice - Jack Daniels And Jesus

Ignite The Night
Жанр: Country Music
Исполнитель: Chase Rice
Альбом: Ignite The Night
Длительность: 03:56
Рейтинг: 125
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Загрузил: misslea


Lately I've been trading A good sermon and some praying For a stranger in my bed And a night that needs explaining I've opened more bottles than I ever have my bible This dirt road communion sure won't lead me to revival Between the black label and the letters in red I felt what livin' is And what it's like to live dead [Chorus:] I've taken a ride in the devil's Cadillac I've been so high I thought I wasn't coming back And just when I think I'm too far gone Ringin' in my head's the 23rd psalm I've seen the light I've seen the darkness Only God knows where my heart is I've got my strength And Lord knows, I've got my weakness Oh, I'm lost somewhere between Jack Daniels and Jesus It's my fault that I ain't called My momma in a month of Sundays She'll smell the whiskey through that phone I can't stand to hear her heartbreak Next week, I see my brother Casey for the first time Since it all went down And I blacked his eye the night after our daddy died [Chorus] I ain't afraid to admit I've hit rock bottom You wanna see a lifetime full of sins Just look at me I've got 'em
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