Текст песни MC Bushpig - Eat My Rotten Meat (with mc mangina)

Wank of Dead
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: MC Bushpig
Альбом: Wank of Dead
Длительность: 05:44
Рейтинг: 682
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: _Insurgent_From_Hell_


[Chorus 1] Drink my diarrhoea while I'm butchering your anal lips, Bitch your gonna eat my shit! Suck my shit off my dick! (x2) [Chorus 2] Drink your salty semen from inside my oozing vaginal lips! Little bitch faggot shit suck your shit off my tits! (x2) [MC Bushpig] Big cunt lips, It can eat my shit. Wiggle your twat when the acid fire hits. I'm going to eat your assmeat flesh strip by strip on the part of your severed tits! On the nemesis drinking blood from your tits, Cervix kill em on your sloppy sphincter meat! When I pull out your bloody red ass lips. Broken phallus juices pustulate In a fucked at a burning gate! showering forward Ill testiculate! deposit my semen in your brains to stop your heart. RAPE! Make your third eyes defecate. Malice ever penis in your rotten cunt lips ? with your shit ? eyeballs cooking in a bucket with your vomit. force it down your throat! ? barbed wire goose ready put this in your scrote! What's your ? ? Cunt lips! Sew em to your face ? scream as you watch your gentials get defaced! Labia gets replaced with a dead goat's anus! Hoards of maggots feasting on blood and pus! ? ? stapled to your vaginal cuts! Force you to deep throat rabbit butts ? ? lick shit from there flaming butts [Chorus 1] [MC Mangina] Ill break your bottom ribs so you can suck ya own DICK! ? your foreskin onto my CLIT! Put your dick up your own ass and hear your ANUS RIP! Cut your balls off and put them a blender, one slit where ? ? tender and you got a new gender And your cocks still throbbing and your anus ? ? ? SHIT! Look at me cutting off my silicone tits! I'm injecting collagen in my pussy lips! Fetus juice, marinated, freshly squeezed from my child bearing hips! ? in the ? ? ? ? I like your dick soaked in formaldehyde! Geting ready for your anal probe! Stick it up ya chode! ? magnesium ? up the ? up the ? then inside a tampon to make the blood clot! Your corpse is a mannequin, with your dick in the guillotine! now your my ? wet dream giving me Eskimo kisses on my clit! ? my pleasure spit MAKE MY HYMEN RIP! Watch the blood drip, ? mouse feces are obsolete. SO GET ON YOUR KNEES AND EAT MY ROTTEN MEAT!!!!!!!!! [Chorus 2] [MC Bushpig] I want to cut and slice Every inch of your diarrhoea cunt! (I cannot understand the words before "vaginal meat") A maggot infested penis! flesh! my mammoth dick is leaving impressions in the labyrinth of anal obsessions! We can ? like a sphincter's ? ? Sexual urges fill my insatiable thirst for morbid anal aggression! Urethra cauterized by spitting acid from the ? stomach (I cannot understand the words before "tickle my nuts") When I'm fucking ? her guts! My muscluar penis thrusts in your mutated ? guzzling ? ? my jizz ? ? ?. Sucking the piss dripping out your pussy lips! The stench of putrefaction gets my cock into action! Now I'm trying to bust a nut while my penis is stuck! (I cannot understand the words before "YOUR FROZEN MEAT") When your ? its ready to eat! ill drink the blood from your mangled twat! down to your feet Open the ? ? I'm cumming! Ill blow my load in your BRAINS (I cannot understand the words before "Brown stains") AND BLOOD IN YOUR PANTIES! Arse pains when the ancient ? god of fecal (I cannot understand the rest of the solo) [Chorus 1] [Chorus 2]
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