Текст песни Cretu And Thiers - Don't Say You Love Me (Let Me Feel It)

Belle Epoque
Жанр: Synthpop
Исполнитель: Cretu And Thiers
Альбом: Belle Epoque
Длительность: 04:06
Рейтинг: 2005
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: ozzianasha


Don't Say You Love Me (Let Me Feel It) (Thiers - Thiers/Hirschburger) Livin' inside me Livin' inside you This range has kept me warm You're livin' in the daylight I'm lovin' the nightlife And what we're looking for I used to cry for relief Just the way that I wanted You've been too fine to believe In these words today I'll let you hear them once again Don't say you love me Let me feel it Don't stop to face it Cause we know it so well Don't say you love me Just reveal it I know the places Where no one really was to blame I'm waitin' beside you You're waitin' beside me We force an open door Tunder an' lightning It's gonna be frightening An' that's we're lookin' for I was too shy Couldn't see right in time What you wanted Lookin' for danger All of your pride Doesn't mean just a thing today I'll let you hear it once again Don't say you love me...
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