Текст песни Marduk - La Grande Danse Macabre

La Grande Danse Macabre
Жанр: Black Metal
Исполнитель: Marduk
Альбом: La Grande Danse Macabre
Длительность: 08:11
Рейтинг: 752
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Загрузил: conveyor


This ghastly skeleton, bone bare on ghostly nag gallops through space no spurs, no whips and yet his steed pants towards apocalyps nostrils a-snort in epileptic fit headlong they rush, athwart the infinite with rash and trampling hoof the cavalier, his flashing sword aflame glashes - now here, now there amongst the nameless slaughtered horde then goes inspecting like some manor-lord the charnel ground, chill and unbound where under a bleak suns pallid leaden glare histories great sepulchered masses lie from the ages near and the ages long gone by death can on both black and white horses ride across the threshold of infinity he you guide death can step along smiling within the dance and as a pawn in a game of chess you stand no chance death can also beat a drum he drums hard and he drums soft the time has come for you to leave the mortal croft all your dreams he beats into dust die, die, die you must i sv ngen l tta i dansens ringar i stigen yra i n jets lag och myrten blommar och lyran klingar men ver tr skeln stiger jag d stannar dansen d s nkas ljuden d vissnar kransen da bleknar bruden...
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