Текст песни Madlib ft. Talib Kweli - Funny Money

Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Talib Kweli ft. Madlib
Альбом: Liberation
Длительность: 03:05
Рейтинг: 448
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Partizan


Yeah Ladies, make it hot, girls, make it hot Mr. International, passport pimpin City street dweller every asphault different Hittin with Jean and The Roots, my man Black Thought rippin Now a glass goes whistlin, my rap flow's switchin up Wait~! The promoter bitchin, is this asshole trippin? Why my cash flow missin? Don't fuck around this is how I make a livin Stop, listen, get the guap' My kids can't eat my love for hip-hop This ain't the circus, I don't see no big top So - who ya tryin to clown your money like Chris Rock Don't make me laugh with'cha funny money Yeah, uhh, yeah, hehehehehe, ehyeah, yo These promoters shady and they good for broken promises Some of them scared of the hood so they only promote the colleges I'm havin problems with excuses Especially when it comes to my money and the contract is exclusive They sell the tickets with'cha name up in lights an' shit But when it's time to pay they came up with all type of shit Or tried to pay me in marijuana The crowd was so thin he blamed Osama and the Twin Tower bombers In my pocket like a thief and there ain't no honor Find More lyrics at Livin all reckless like there ain't no karma You ain't on punishment, I ain't your momma I just had to expose the truth like Leonardo DaVinci when he paint Madonna Hey, hey heyyyy, c'mon, uhh, whoa Illegal business control America Illegal immigration, gun control hysteria The war on terror, war on drug, now everybody have vices So we still gettin higher than gas prices Yeah we have righteous MC's, ready to infilitrate The system like a disease and bring it right to it's knees Who ain't fuckin with the pay for play, that shit is gay Get down with Blacksmith or get the fuck out the way E'rything's straight! Just get out from under the table I'm not a pimp runnin a stable I'm a kid with a vision runnin a label With the freshest MC's with somethin to say too We cuttin the umbilical cord from the navel Willin and able to change the game for the better A lot of crews claim they together Then they fall apart and blame it on cheddar Please~! I stay professional in all my endeavors So we about to blow like Parliament in "V for Vendetta" They try to get you with the funny money
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