Текст песни Diana Krall - Black Crow

The Girl In The Other Room
Жанр: Jazz
Исполнитель: Diana Krall
Альбом: The Girl In The Other Room
Длительность: 04:49
Рейтинг: 792
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Kruppe


There's a crow flying Dark and ragged Tree to tree He's black as the highway that's leading me Now he's diving down To pick up on something shiny I feel like that black crow Flying In a blue sky I took a ferry to the highway Then I drove to a pontoon plane I took a plane to a taxi And a taxi to a train I've been traveling so long How am I ever going to know my home When I see it again I'm like a black crow flying In a blue, blue sky In search of love and music My whole life has been Illumination Corruption Diving, diving, diving, diving. Diving down to pick up on every shiny thing Just like that black crow flying In a blue sky I looked at the morning After being up all night I looked at my haggard face in the bathroom light I looked out the window And I saw that ragged soul take flight I saw a back crow flying In a blue sky Oh I'm like a black crow flying In a blue sky
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