Текст песни Enter Shikari - The Jester

Common Dreads
Жанр: Electronic / Post-Hardcore / Trancecore
Исполнитель: Enter Shikari
Альбом: Common Dreads
Длительность: 03:56
Рейтинг: 1942
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: KaratisT


Hold your horses Steady now Cos we're floating precariously And therefore, furthermore premisely on tectonic plates And everything we stand on And everything we stand for Is rather unstable right now So I think I'll kill some time And have you done medium rare But I think I'll tease my palette with some crudit?s Just to prepare You see we've had a Joker in the pack now for quite some time So I reckon it's just about time we roast this swine Ahhh This is a shit I refuse to be fed use your head cut it sunshine burn it up you ponce and on the other dish is a Ha Ha! now I think we should take a leaf from the (burn it up burn it up) now I think we should take a leaf from the (burn it up burn it up) Lets throw it up and start again Lets throw it up and start again Shoo! Nicely does it now... Steady... Halt... Halt... (Target Locked) this one Oh yeah! Oh that was great My compliments to the chef I'm very satisfied Do you know what I'll be sure to dine here again fine cuisine Stuffed cheeks were very agreeable All in all a splendid spread
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