Текст песни Will Smith - I Wish I Made That

Lost and Found
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Will Smith
Альбом: Lost and Found
Длительность: 04:16
Рейтинг: 690
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Загрузил: kira


Yo, ain't no better man for this hype track Just the veteran taking the mic back David Letterman even said he like that track man Even though he ain't a rap fan Black radio, they won't play though Ever since "Summertime" they ain't liked none of mine Even though the fans went out & bought enough I guess they think Will ain't hard enough Maybe I should just have a shoot out Run up in the bank, bustin', grabbin' all the loot out Whoop somebody ass, taking my boot out Right on TV so ya'll can see me Just ignorant, attacking, actin' rough I mean, then will I be black enough Oh wait maybe I'll jack a truck Full of cigarettes, guns & drugs & stuff [CHORUS - (2x)] Get that I wish I would of made that Lean back I wish I would of made that I wish I woulda told the girls to 'drop it like it hot' Summer, Summer, Summertime Seem like all I got I always envied how ya'll rock wit Dre & the Chronic The way that Tupac, Biggie, 50 and Jigga got it A lot like L.L., Chuck D, Slick & Dougie I think ya'll love me, but ya'll place other rappers above me & I don't know if you feel my flow & be at my show & you'll see where I should go On the charts of rhyme arts & thoughts in rap form Damnit, I expanded the platform Damnit, this Cat's on a rap song Yeah, it ain't no braids or plats on Ain't on stage wit no gats on You know I'm afraid, getting' my act on It might have stunted my growth But I wanted them both & I hope that it would be less tougher You do two things & then they both gonna suffer I chose to act & it broke my heart not to rap Prodigal son, clever, better than ever, back CHORUS [INTRO - CHORUS] I got my swagga back I got that swagga back, I got that swagga back I got, I got that swagga back, I got that swagga back Yo, do you see that lil' bop in my step Do you see the little drop to the left, huh, yo... Baseball cap, Timbs when I walk Do you see that lil' grin when I talk, huh, yo Do you see me sorta glide when I slide See lean to the side in my ride, huh, yo... Do you see it's no ice on my wrist Fish still bite just like this... right, right Do you know what it mean when you see a dude's chick on TV gleamin', huh? Know what it mean to be on the scene & in the audience "Ali", beamin', yo! I must have a 'S' on my chest, I recovered from the Wild, Wild West, yes! Yo, I been up the creek without a paddle Now I'm back on the saddle, I got my swagga back [CHORUS] I got my swagga back I got that swagga back, I got that swagga back I got my swagga back I got that swagga back, I got that swagga back I got my swagga back I got that swagga back, I got that swagga back I got my swagga back All you see that you see when you seeing me, you ain't seeing all to be seen Cause there's more for you to see than when you see me on the scene in my media machine I mean madness, sickness, sadness, swaggerless back in the day Fat, ugly chicks in New York on the radio, saying I'm gay I had a bonafide downside frown with the swagga not around in my life Bank account found minimal amounts when countin' cause of my now ex-wife I had the boar-thick wall & all that, endure pitfalls & all that, fallin' callin' for help With no call back, where was ya'll at, gimme the ball back I got my swagga back [CHORUS]
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