Текст песни Theatre Of Tragedy - Bacchante

Жанр: Gothic Metal
Исполнитель: Theatre Of Tragedy
Альбом: Aegis
Длительность: 06:42
Рейтинг: 3258
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: magicman


Ado with a mean woe, An ado as aglow: Belying the paynim Thou rewrot'st the tome - An ivy-crown'd and dancing, And fawn'd and trancing - Espying the surly wud, And heeding her not. Celebration Afear'd of Bacchante, And dost thou 'hold the yill? - Behind is the sleepless; Eyne 'holding na mo. Celebration «Onto the paper scribe I the words that fro my heart move - With every dight letter, with the ebb of ink, The point of the quill my penmanship doth mirror; Tales of theft and adultery, Tales of devilment and witchery - Tales of me.» Celebration Bacchari
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