Текст песни Theatre Of Tragedy - Bring Forth Ye Shadow

Velvet Darkness They Fear
Жанр: Doom Death Metal / Gothic Doom Dark
Исполнитель: Theatre Of Tragedy
Альбом: Velvet Darkness They Fear
Длительность: 06:49
Рейтинг: 3985
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Загрузил: magicman


Time is an abyss - Profound as a thousand nights; I sojourn my haste, I make respites For what availeth this eager pace? One step more naught to face, Save the heirloom fatal kiss. I rave no more 'gainst Time or Fate, For lo! my own shall ne'er come to me, Yet! - Who doth my future narrate? Dim the lights - I cannot see! Bring forth ye Shadow! - With whom danceth thou? Time hath stopp'd - Yet for others ne'er halteth; For me the Pages of Life do not turn, Lo! - on the funeral pyre they burn. The oh so eathing Velvet Darkness they fear - Heed! - wherefore delve a burrow, When in my arms «O! Come here»? - I say, elsewhither is naught but sorrow! For what deemest thou so dear thy blood When through my veins it could flood? - Bide to merry-make me unaptly; And hence grant me the fell gift, The gift of passing on the dark trick. 'Tis such a brazen act of erotic; Trifle for thee, yet for me grandly thrift, O! such an innocence depriv'd so hastily - Alas, for what deemest thou so dear thy blood When through my veins it will flood?
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