Текст песни Dethklok - Comet Song

Dethalbum II
Жанр: Melodic Death
Исполнитель: Dethklok
Альбом: Dethalbum II
Длительность: 03:48
Рейтинг: 2947
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Загрузил: _Jumpdafuckup_


Racing Through Time Souls Prey Lead Blind Intersteller Mutilation Comets Speed Forth Bring DETH For Earth Time For Your Next Destination Galactic DETH Hunts Flies Pushes Through Time Space Dimensions Advance Your Place Pay To Gain Grace Your Salvation Through Defrayel You Will Surive So You Think Your Bank Receipts Will Tip The Scale Galactic DETH Hunts Flies Pushes Through Time Space Dimensions Your Time Is Coming Tonight You'll Be Killed At The Speed Of Light Destiny You Can't Fight Crushed By Comets Transmogrified DETH Will Bring You New Life A Slave Forever On The Planet Of Hell Eighty Thousand Years Since The Comet Took Flight Your Destiny Is Pain Forever The Earthquakes The Clouded Sky Breathes Fire Lava Sprays ONTO The Seas The Oceans Boil The Deserts Freeze Masses Flee Into The Streets Meteors Fly With A Magnatized Heat Crush And Take Human Deceivers Fry The Souls of The NON-BELIEVERS Smashing Killing Devouring All No One Is Saved The Chosen Fall Run With The Hordes Trample The Weak Crush The Skulls Of Those that Can't Speak Sweating Bleeding Your Eyes Go Wide The Earth Is Ending It's About to Collide The Clouds Part The World Goes Black The Comet Speeds Forth For It's Final Attack
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