Текст песни Tonedeff - Monotony

The Monotone
Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Tonedeff
Альбом: The Monotone
Длительность: 04:15
Рейтинг: 15
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Загрузил: AndrewCG


I am a product of artistic inspiration/ My words are spoken only in an attempt to form a lyrical condemnation/ Of today’s intoxication with sedation/ The threat of wax evasion, since the day they killed the crowd participation/ It’s been only precipitation chasing rain clouds on the never ending/ To prevent the lending of the negative auras that they’re sending Over those instrumentals, No incidentals gone about it…/ That element will keep your mind shrouded with the doubted/ I’ve ranted and I’ve raved and I’ve shouted/ Wondering how’d it get so irreversibly rerouted/ Indelibly crowded. Incredibly clouded with the wackest that the wack have had to offer/ In fact, I take my hat off to Chaucer/ But, kids be poetically pathetic/ Claiming they’ve aided and abetted, now hip-hop is diabetic/ Who’s got the anthesthetic?/ Tone Deff be on it to get it monotone and synthetic- Nobody said it better/ Keeping the sugar embedded, Niggas are now indebted/ To the rhythm in the notion that hookers get wet and spread it/ Off is the way I set to the tune of how I bring it to your juncture/ (305) is coming through to puncture/ The status quo. I be the baddest bro to tap it slow/ I’m lost as far as mathematics go, but lyrics are the major/ ‘Cause it’s within my nature to debate and deviate ya’/ That’s unless you are your own, so, I’m a keep it Monotone. Chorus Exist to be free. Revise the Hip-Hop mentality- You must be stoppin’ the Monotony. It’s how it oughtta be, But all these wannabe’s that MC Continue droppin’ the Monotony. Commit to who ya’ be. To live for MC artistry- Tonedeff be stoppin’ the Monotony. It’s verbal sodomy, when all these wannabe’s that MC Continue droppin’ the Monotony V2 I be the M-O-N-O, the T-O-N-E/ The D-E to the double the F, I’m fresh when I free alphabetically/ I did it Steadily, yo, with my nigga Gilligan/ And then I slammed with Mister Logic, RBM be iller than/ A schizophrenic in the brain. We strained so hard to gain fame/ throughout our years of adolescence- To this day we learned our lessons/ But above it all, we learned that in the (305)/ True lyricists never say die… So keep it on. Chorus V3 This year I keep it monotonic/ One Vibe, One Love, One Drum- from analog to monophonic/ ‘Cause when I get on it, my monologue be monolithic/ Niggas claim that they’re gifted but they’re only monotypic/ Hip hop’s monopolistic. A&R’s are sadistic/ ‘Cause they’ve twisted heads to points where the market’s cannibalistic/ But, yo, I’ve come equipped with the shit that be automatic/ How can you be artistic when you be monochromatic?/ RBM be my hermanos, the name be monogrammatic/ When I become emphatic my words are monosyllabic/ Yo, we go mono a mono in the tragic state of static/ I’m mad ‘cause I’ve had it with all of the gats and ganja addicts/ My life’s melodramatic/ MC’s figure they’re hard And think that they’re monometallic, their minds are so simplistic/ They’re just a bunch of misfits claiming they’re monogamistic/ Yo, but I know, they’re suckers and they’re bound to catch mono./
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