Текст песни Madcon ft. Paperboys - Barcelona

Paperboys - The Best Of
Жанр: Rap / Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Madcon ft. Paperboys
Альбом: Paperboys - The Best Of
Длительность: 04:12
Рейтинг: 132
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Загрузил: ThugPound


On my way out from hittin' This honey from last night, I had to blast right, she was lookin' Nasty in the sunlight. Cruisin' down centrum in a aftermath tantrum Oh my god, interrupted by this hunny, and looking pretty good at that, She had a letter for Cap, it said ma critical' was chillin' in south of Spain, Sowin' his oats with a lady, Even her name was undelined in tha note, So that means that he was handelin it fine, don'tcha know. I had to find him though So I called up Vinnie on the phone, He like: Watcha doin' in the snow, bro? I said: Don't Know man, but where you at? Barcelona! In the zone like I'd finally found a home for this stona. Traded all my kronas, it's all about the pesetas and coronas. This bar? I'm the mother fuckin owner. Made It out the coma, played it like I said, Now I'm gone bro, 'Lotta pretty ladies on my boner. Went from Half -ass to a class -act. Weed-aroma? Pass that! Baby, got my feet up on the ass- crack. Yo, you gotta love it while it lasts cap, Sendin' you a ticket, that's that, We could kick it, that's a fact. (Chorus) I'm leavin (where you gonna go?) Barcelona Anywhere it don't snow (sure) Feel the sun glow (ohh) Ladies lookin like the models from a video Let 'em know we're jumpin (let's go! ) I'm leavin (so where you gonna go?) Barcelona Anywhere it don't snow (sure) Feel the sun glow (ohh) Ladies lookin like the models from a video Let'em know we're jumpin (let's go! ) So now I'm in Barcelona, I'm lonely lookin' for a bar owner, But I forgot to bring my funny note, bro So I'm sittin' here somewhere, Sippin' my corona thinkin' I'm a gonna, God damn an' I'm so fucked And all I could remember was the name of the bar you opened up Babylon or somethin' right? (Yup, close it up) I hire me a moped and goes for air, I can't wait to hit the ocean and order a Cold beer.(vinni) Cool, now see that road there? Yeah. Yo, follow 3 blocks, make a left go straight Through the old square, next turn, church on the left, You should go there beach just below the Stairs. And it's nice through the whole year, You should see what the hoes wear, Water so clear, so nice It ain't fair, yo but listen here, Stay for some food and a jay, I'll come too, just let me get my keys Jose (Chorus) I'm dreamin' (Yeah, it's nice man) Barcelona Hollar at the ice, man (sure) Check the price man (ohh) It's how it is down here Smooth, oh, you wanna get up here? (Let's go! ) I'm dreamin' (I know it's nice, man) Barcelona Hollar at the ice, man (sure) Check the price man (ohh) It's how it is down here Fly, oh yeah, you wanna get up here? (Let's go! ) Vinnie, guess what? What? I got the letter! Shii... I had it all along, I forgot that I had it in my Sack for the draws. Man, you slackin, dawg! Tell me somethin' I don't know! He's gettin' married! What, lemme see what he wrote: Dear Cap, I guess it's been about a year now Since we met each other or spoken to one another, Damn brother, man I miss you. Still livin' in snow, with thirty below? Heard that you weren't slurpin' no more. Hey, AA ain't funny. But how is you? Oh, guess What, by the way, I met this hot thing at the airport in Spain, I'm gettin' married brother, man to this tall, Dark skin half black, Half latino modellin' chica, My baby Celina. Wait till you meet her, But me? I quit workin', started school, So mama's happy, I'm studyin anatomy at the academy in New Guinea, Funny, huh? And Vinnie, How is he? I heard he moved to Barcelona, Sippin coronas still livin by the sea? Splendid
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