Текст песни Dudley Perkins - Episodes

Dr. Stokley
Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Dudley Perkins
Альбом: Dr. Stokley
Длительность: 03:23
Рейтинг: 7
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Загрузил: AndrewCG


[kazi] Im down with all the illest, aint no crabs all around me So put your head together, you still couldnt find me Where I be and how I live is ill [madlib] Hey yo, niggas always talkin bout there shit is real I gotta flex with a lex in my video Thats what half of these rappers be thinking in every city, yo [kazi] Yeah, you wanna fight dont ya, you wanna bite dont ya? The involvement of a new coast is here To take your soul, rearrange it with flows Youre unknown, come across our line, you get blown Too many bids, aint no puttin together Restorin your body parts, leaving the rest for whatever [madlib] You talking bout you wanna freestyle, you wanna flow But your flow be like oil and water, it dont mix And you dont even know youre waiting for your rhyme fix But my mind sticks, my rhyme hits, your mind gets Amputated, cuz your style aint even hip hop related *scratches* [kazi] This be the kazi, my niggas call me kaz How does it feel to be mixed up and lost? First of all, you shouldnt have bit the next rapper Now your minds confused, you lose, talkin bout you paid dues [madlib] Slay crews, when you aint even at phase two Talking about take two? you only get one take Yo, my boys just run fakes, run ya out of my estates Plus they just might take ya papes, plus you wont remember no plates So dont have no mistakes, steppin over this way [kazi] Second to last, but not least, hey yo, kazis here to rip it Ill take mcs, tie em up, and then split Its like this, yo Im up on some bliz Total techniques for the hip hop kids [madlib] Yo we puttin the lid on ya, if youre wack youre a goner Cuz we on a war path, droppin math cuz we only wanna Keep this hip hop real, innovatin new styles Takin out wack mcs by the piles, for real *radio skippping* Episode #2: gods gift I have no strings to hold me down Beware of the tupperware Its the limited edition, prime series hum via tell a sport brain Who came complete with all terrain capabilities Track trail blazing a path of traveling freely Beyond the vanity of border ampedence hindering Progress intending to enhance those plagued with Recessive styles, relying on primal rage Disengaged pushing trivial, unimportant material Virtually there, but still visually impaired Point of views defusing the output of ya outlook Confusing ya confidence, cuz you dwell on surface knowledge Dig deeper into my speech or the only way youll learn Is to have a translator explain my rhymes in laymans terms We now have confirmation, pure order has swarmed Like locusts consuming all vegetation Into waste land fills fresh water wells seeping Poisonous corrosion as a business proposition Exposing flesh in nuclear explosions Forming glowing boils at the point of contact of deforming The surviving population as mass retations Resulting from advanced hip hop experimentations On the island of madlib monroe Cdp pouring beats down your throat that dissolve your vital organs *radio skipping* Episode #3: declaime Im cool with who I be, lyric slanger from cdp Got shit locked up like slaves out at sea Ya lost to the way I come across at all costs, I must get mine Suck up all the sunrays and then outshine Till I blind all eyesights all over the planet When I rhyme right, I outstand it Cool with my ways, so chilled that most cant stand it Yall knows me, the rhyme wise who stays high With fortys in my lap bust that old school boom bap All over this map, for I be that down ass, south cali poet, Ya know it to be the d-e-c-l-a-i-m-e, Doin my thang in this ring Knockin niggas down with what I bring Crazy chaos your way off So swing ya partners are around Do the hump to my sound Fuck it, all panties down to ya ankles Bending back ass over microphone entangles Strangles all ya got chokes like chronic smoke Ill take a toke and pass it to all my niggas, To all my niggas...ta
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