Текст песни Nightsight - Vengeance

Жанр: Melodic Black
Исполнитель: Nightsight
Альбом: Nightsight
Длительность: 05:08
Рейтинг: 23
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: bcd


It was late summer midday when all of a sudden Darkness has cloaked the valley And woodland choir went mute The soil started bleeding Beneath my bare feet A tide of horror swept through For everyone knew… It was impending / Hungry and merciless It was descending / And those left outside are doomed All doors and windows shut The place seems dead from the outside I’m the only one left behind In the realm of nightmare (An ill-fated sacrifice) On your doorsteps, my love, I was weeping Crying, begging you for shelter But my tears didn’t seem to move you Busy keeping your ears and locks closed As the Darkness finally approached me I got up and slowly walked towards my death Aware there’s no hope, no chance to survive Swallowed by the greater force But there’s still one thing I’m able to do As I am becoming one with It I’ll lead the Great Beast right up to your house, So he’s shatter those doors that were closed for me. So that He can have His feast I do not wish for better fate Than to see all hell break loose See His savage Feast unfold As your little world crumbles away I do not wish for better fate Than to see all hell break loose See true horror on your face As you unite with me in oblivion.
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