Текст песни Solillaquists Of Sound - As If We Existed

As If We Existed
Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Solillaquists Of Sound
Альбом: As If We Existed
Длительность: 03:45
Рейтинг: 18
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Загрузил: AndrewCG


VERSE 1 (Alexandrah) I wish you’d listen more, Just a minute Previous to genius killing vision in its grip And placing blame upon the soul-full unafraid We knew the trade, Danger of elite game Technologically advanced, but now insane with power. Spirit pained and left by way Makes lost-in-past syntax we have today That we have to deal with, What’s the problem with my genius? Too attached to ever leave it Silent for the new achievement but What I long to witness is the equal shift Of lifted gadgetry to intuition by Genius giving up its selfish tact, And bringing praise of spirit back Pay respect upon the debt incurred By non-belief when soul was speaking, Called simplistic by a name familiar to Those regulars who think intelligence a competition. Missing opportunity to be a real show embarrassment, The care is not, The care is NOT spewing tools to ax the problem, Rather asking haver how they aptly solve them Selves. HOOK: Love.. Where’s it at? It’s not just cliché. Imagine That. Freedom’s a Choice. Is it you? It’s as easy to say as to do. VERSE 2 (Swamburger) What if love said: Hear me out a bit before the future comes around the way to give us back the past we believe is gone but the trail is circular, we’re working for a bigger moment but, direction cut the children up a filler plus depression in a super song coming from the hand that doesn’t write for you and yours~ rather, stupid wars of lost memories. There’s more to love than broken promises, spoken honest-ness/ cupid, ponder this: Few would honor self accepting dominance over neutral acts in Manichaeism but, I wish to see a future given trust through the preparation of a mortal lust taking toll on the lovers will to crush the lines of being whole from a single f#ck. You give me a reason to trouble the language of living a permanent hinderance of a reality given to love and look over the others who never could see the pure imagery from an existing option. Stop adopting another normality spoken to want a low pace and abolish the motion of willing a method of uber development, regular root for the betterment. You and you fellow men benefit better than this if you listen. It’s as if I existed. HOOK You’re not just a VOICE! You’re not just a VOICE! CHORUS: There’s more to you than what you know, believe, or even choose to be; what you ignore. There’s more to love than just the lust and pain, and comfort isn’t based on what’s the same. More.. There’s more in store. Beyond what you have seen before before. Proven action ain’t philosophy and oppressive music isn’t hot to me! So rally ‘round the poplar tree, salute hypocrisy, and floss your property with pride. It’s a sweet but bitter victory with whom you disagree, You think it’s me but it is I. And “I” is you essentially so never take what’s meant to be and get it twisted. This isn’t anger, no, it’s passion so let’s live the way we should; As if we existed!
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