Текст песни J Mascis - Several Shades Of Why

Several Shades Of Why
Жанр: Alternative Rock / Acoustic
Исполнитель: J Mascis
Альбом: Several Shades Of Why
Длительность: 04:55
Рейтинг: 84
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: disiel 77


There's no peace, little comfort, no one's shoulder Not a wrinklings of a time that made you colder I'm not saying much I tried hard that's all I do Tried and waited then got tired, that's about it With my time With my time Got to wait this time Why should I have time to answer? Several shades of why I can't go back, it's faster Don't expect it 'cause the ending's a disaster Nothing, nothing, nothing man, a little laughter With my time With my time Gone at it the wrong way Thought I'd find out but I missed it If I make it through I'll run and stop the twistin' Way I steered us off'll lose it just to give in Hell may not dwell on the dead How about the living? With my time With my time
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