Текст песни Tapinoma Say - The Fall Of The Summer, The Rise Of The Winter

Rise Of The Winter
Жанр: Progressive Deathcore
Исполнитель: Tapinoma Say
Альбом: Rise Of The Winter
Длительность: 06:51
Рейтинг: 10
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Загрузил: Ubiyciron


The human world is the kingdom of Nod And it's people is blind just as (the) queen or the king Protecting the crown and the royal rod They are wearing foolishness like the ring The Fall of The Summer, The Rise of The Winter The nature that they were bold to defy Has completed it's plan for revenge 'cause the only God for the people - is lie The presence of the nature begins to change... Searing heat will change to the chill Young trees will drop all their new leafs The people won't know what truly is real And every man who has the transport leaves The trees will got frozen, the grass'll sink in snow The wintter is coming At hand Mankind will be dozen, place fears in one row The summer is dying through aII the land The one who could feel that blizzard of wrath Will be changed into eternal ice No one could see the true winter path The nature will paralyze his eyes Beware... the servants of the lies Cold breeze... has no one to despise Pray... for eternal winter rise... The nature... have your souls now to size! In the very heart of the death Lies the answers to every why And the wisdom that mankind once hath You will learn only when you die! And in every heart there is truth Only chosen ones could see The humanity's worthy of ruth If there won't be able ever show mercy But still for now the winter breaks lose And the terror is spread through (the) world The people won't (be) able to live how they choose Today even light of the sun is cold! Coldness, devour our souls!
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