Текст песни Disarmonia Mundi - Flare

The Restless Memoirs
Жанр: Modern Metal
Исполнитель: Disarmonia Mundi
Альбом: The Restless Memoirs
Длительность: 03:08
Рейтинг: 451
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Загрузил: Lee89


A single spark of ignition Yeah, this is all you will get from me I guess it must be frustrating To watch me stand where you ll never be A casket built by your own hands And I know damn well who s sleeping in Ain t gonna show no compassion A light for all to see as motherfuckers burn Flare On the edge of hypocrisy I can still see the truth Behind your mask of sanity there s still the same old pigface Flare I don t need your apologies So just stay where you are Despite the damage you tried to do I still ain t fuckin impressed You know how I feel So just stand aside There won t be no second chance Before I strike And all the words I ve said You better read em twice For I won t wait another day To get rid of you And I ve never lost my way in all this time I m sorry Too simple to ask (for) forgiveness It s all in vain There ain t no tomorrow Not even today For as much as I care about You could be dead for sure Alone you stand in your silence Witness the fall of your fragile world A face beyond recognition Shall bear the scars as my fate unfolds No, you ain t worth my forgiveness For all I want is to watch you burn Who gives a damn about morals Crown myself a king as motherfuckers crawl
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