Текст песни Mystikal - I Rock, I Roll

Let's Get Ready
Жанр: Hardcore Rap / Southern Rap
Исполнитель: Mystikal
Альбом: Let's Get Ready
Длительность: 04:31
Рейтинг: 523
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Huh, BOOM! Huh guess who it is? I rock, I roll tear this motherfucker up (tear this motherfucker up) Let's get ready to rumble!! [Mystikal] I come in this bitch to get paid to bust flow, I come for the gumbo They know me for kickin they ass from here to El Segundo Let's get ready to rumble!!! Shit sparks, spit flames the coldest thing up under the sun though Spendin your money on them niggaz you're wastin you time cause I'm the one hoe! Smokin the blunt smoke, stay out of my bundle I swung with the blast, I've never been matched I hop on the track like a jump rope I come with the guillotine to cutthroat Holdin it down, fuckin y'all up but the rest of them suckers be unsho' Me? YEAH, I'm blessed - if you don't know Pack a big boner, heavy strutured AND hung low Wrecking-ball nuts and dick touch the flo' If it's on yo' chest then bitch let me know!! I hope you don't think I'm a runnin I know you don't think I'm scared You must of forgot who the fuck that I am The man with the braids - BEWARE!! That's yo' ASS Mr Postman Got them niggaz stompin and swingin with both hands [Chorus 2X: Mystikal] I rock, I roll Tear this motherfucker up - let's get ready to rumble! Shuttin systems down! You ready for war? Start somethin, start fightin Chorus 1/2 again [Mystikal] Bats and pipes - broken bottles, glass, and knives Jump in the mix and don't handle yo' business and a nigga gon' turn out yo' lights!! You'll be gettin' yo' stupid self up askin' the people "Which one of y'all hit me?" I don't know the way you went down looked like the ground was slippery Attack 'em with sawed-offs, and niggaz get throwed off The party get called off, when niggaz get sawed-offs Go get my meat to meet and give me that raw dog You, go get you a nasty, givin that pussy you bought off I come with the real I be with them niggaz with booted up grills We don't do promotional shows that shit don't pay my bills Keep it in the ballin ballin, promoters callin Videos jumpin off nigga this the real New Orleans! My neck of the woods, my side of the hood my part of town Thugs, drugs, and violence - y'all niggaz is watered down When I perform I'm that calm And I'm the shit on the record I hit the studio and show 'em! [Chorus] [Mystikal] I rock, I roll I roll, we by hype Knockin 'em out, throwin 'em away, keep 'em off Takin 'em out, bustin they head, breakin 'em off! [Chorus] {*Mystikal ad libs to fade*
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