Текст песни Ben Caplan - Seed Of Love

In The Time Of The Great Remembering
Жанр: Blues / Folk
Исполнитель: Ben Caplan
Альбом: In The Time Of The Great Remembering
Длительность: 04:41
Рейтинг: 341
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Загрузил: valda005


When it rains, it pours There’ll be watery days in store growing in pools right there on the floor Flowing down stairs and out the door When your in drought Don’t be in doubt Brother for now you can do without And when the beautiful clouds come out Try not to drown, try not to shout Man when your dry, life can hard The queen of hearts is a fickle card and when your hard, life can be dry No matter how hard you try Just when think that your stuck Bleeding and pleading and down in the muck A change of winds, a bit of luck And girls just dying to give you a phone number Gimme a call Here’s my phone number Brother that’s all Just a phone number But that’s all you need Man get that phone number And sow the seed Of love The seed of love No matter how small Can blossom and grow Or do nothing at all But when the rains Begin to fall The seed of love Will sprout if you only call When things are juicy and wet Brother you'd better not forgot Don’t go run on out for all you can get That’s a good way to get upset Brother your thirsty, I know But even though rushing waters flow You’ve got to try to take it slow Or right back to the desert you’ll go There’s many clouds up in that sky And though you’d like to drink them dry Its not a good idea to try They’ll keep floating right on by Pick just one cloud, the one that you’ve sought Will rain on you if she can see that you’ve fought To be in her rain, to love her a lot To get really wet, and touch her soul The seed of love No matter how small Can blossom and grow Or do nothing at all But when the rains Begin to fall The seed of love… Will sprout if you only call
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