Текст песни Steve Vai - Firewall

Real Illusions: Reflections
Жанр: Rock
Исполнитель: Steve Vai
Альбом: Real Illusions: Reflections
Длительность: 04:20
Рейтинг: 762
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Загрузил: ermakof


Lyrics by Steve Vai "In a moment of lucidity, Captain Drake Mason was confronted with his way of thinking all about Eve." Boom Shika-Boom Shika ba-ka-tu-ka Boom Shika doo-ba-boom-ba-tacka-chooka Boom Shika Boom Boom chika Ba-koom-ta Shika-ba-ku-ta Brrrr chika ba-kum-ta Boom Chica brrr brr brrr chi-koom-pa Brrr-cha-kum-ta brr-chica ba-poom-pa boom ta-ta boom boom shi-ka-ti-ka Rra-ka-kack Rra-ka-tu-ka pa-ka-tu-ka It's been a while since I knew you before Hindsight says I was so much to blame But even then you possessed so much more I buried my guilt under my fantasies I never knew what it would do to you oh my God I dealt a hand and played with fate But I still feel, and I surrender to, your intoxicant But I want you to really know me But when I try to get into your space I run into your Firewall Medusa's home Built out of hurt and pain Welcome to the Firewall If I get too close I will go down in flames Eh, just look at me now I'm on fire. And if I could I would get down in your soul And clean up the mess that I made. Maybe will and grace will replace your faith and we can embrace You'll never get to know me unless you let me touch your face A victim of your Firewall The devil's own Destroy your enemies I dance into your Firewall When you're done, there'll be nothing left of me Suck me into your flames, and let me burn deep down inside until I can't take it anymore.
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