Текст песни Xavier Wulf - The Report

To Be Continued
Жанр: Abstract Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Xavier Wulf
Альбом: To Be Continued
Длительность: 03:16
Рейтинг: 141
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: okach


[Intro] [Verse 1: Xavier Wulf] I'm so sick of you foolish-ass fools (of you fools) How the fuck you disrespect the truth? (the truth) Bitch, you ain't real like I knew (like I knew) You niggas say I'm wack, I be like "Oooh!" (oooh!) We both know that that ain't the truth (that ain't the truth) I got you haters uncomfortable (uncomfortable) They want my damn style and that's the truth (that's the truth) They mad cause they can't do how I do Bitch, I'm getting sick and tired of repeating myself I done changed the whole game with no damn help Every song I drop, niggas say it's heartfelt I'm a champion but I don't need no damn belt All you rap niggas suck, do you need some help? Take my advice: "Quit breathing and kill yourself" The industry lookin' at me like I'm a damn threat Cause bitch I am, I'll come through and leave your office wet Hollow Squad be the fleet with the frozen deck I yell "Ahoy!", then we clear the whole poop deck That's where I put my dead haters cause I'm cold like that I'll never show respect to a foolish man If you say my music sucks then you don't understand You ain't got the brain power to comprehend I'm the lord of everything with this music, man I influence all you niggas like no other man Damn, I got so many styles and I keep at it, man I'm unstoppable, you could never kill me, man I'm the 14th Squad Captain, man I be walkin' through the world with my sword in hand If you run up on me, I will beat your ass, man I got a anger problem you could never fathom, man So I try to stay cool and keep the peace, man But pretty soon, I'mma let the wolf loose again You bitch! [Outro]
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