Текст песни Command6 - Ace In The Hole

Black Flag
Жанр: Heavy Metal / Thrash Metal
Исполнитель: Command6
Альбом: Black Flag
Длительность: 03:56
Рейтинг: 437
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: AssuriA


Ace in the hole Ladie and gentleman, you may sit here please! The cards are on the table The game is about to start Religious men are scared to death by their sexual behaviour Your "Us$ 20, 000 suit" won't make you politician an iron man or bullet proof The seventh seal is broken The first round is coming I must warn you there's no time for you to regret Tonight we have a special guest...He hides an Ace in the hole... It's the truth to heal the lies Ace in the hole Is it time for us to make it? Why don't we? The crosses are down All your money is gone It's hard to play the game when someone always changes the rules You feed your fortune with the blood and tears of innocent and starving men Bussiness men, Preachers, Government...listen! They trust their lives in a system that just make them fools with high tech tools To explore them and not to give them food Discard! To send them fire! For what they've done...Satan's got an Ace in the hole.
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