Текст песни X-Perience - Return To Paradise

Lost In Paradise
Жанр: Dance
Исполнитель: X-Perience
Альбом: Lost In Paradise
Длительность: 03:38
Рейтинг: 852
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Penumbra


Walk underwater oh, she's so funny her taste on my lips like milk and honey I see crystal lights (so nice) I want to stay - forever I want to stay I dive in oxygen now and today I throw away my pain I want to stay I'm gonna live today - forever The return to paradise it's all so nice beautiful I will dive into the light I'm glad to be alive So deep, so endlessly so nice and hopefully she gives the kiss of life to me I want to see the sea the liquid skies the warm and tender lights when days arise I want to feel so real I want to stay - forever The return to paradise...
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