Текст песни Celldweller - Lucky (The Very First Demo Of The Lucky One) (2004)

Demo Vault (Volume 01)
Жанр: Electronic / Industrial / Industrial Rock
Исполнитель: Celldweller
Альбом: Demo Vault (Volume 01)
Длительность: 07:26
Рейтинг: 682
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: ELS-Y


vk.com/cellmates Welcome to another demo I've dug up from the Demo Vault. There's a good chance that if you're listening to this demo, the only reason you're sitting through it is because you know that this eventually became "The Lucky One" from Wish Upon a Blackstar. This began as a production experiment for me. I was listening to a LOT of Psy/Goa Trance and i wanted to do a track in that world. Of course I had no real idea how to make that happen, so this is why I experiment with production. (I often feel like a mad scientist, but more "mad" than "scientist.") Eventually I figure things out, but by the time I put all my twists and turns into a style, it doesn't really sound like what I originally was going for. At over 7 minutes, it's obvious i was trying all kinds of things just to see what would work. But as it normally unfolds, I eventually abandon the demo and either never look back or just cut out the parts I still like and move on. For those of you who know the final version of "The Lucky One," you will be able to tell that I kept very little from this demo. Really just the concept and a few of the lyrics. That's good news for me because the final version from Wish Upon a Blackstar is a lot better than this. A lot. #hoorayforme Please enjoy listening to the rest of this demo. Klayton //_^)
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