Текст песни Lil' Flip - Get it Crunk

Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Lil' Flip
Альбом: Made in DIRTY SOUTH
Длительность: 04:09
Рейтинг: 480
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: LuDi


[Hook:] We came here to get it crunk like (jump!) In the club with our middle fingers up like (jump!) Now, we gonna make ‘em stomp like (jump!) Niggas get out of line we hit ‘em up like [Verse 1:] Well I'm flippin' and grippin' my woodgrain steering wheel (steering wheel) I made a mill at eighteen, nigga how it feel (Ha ha!) It feel good to cash checks every other day (yes!) If you ain't talkin' bout money, go the other way Miss me with that bullshit dawg I'm on the grind (grind) You disrespect me while I'm on stage, it's goin' down Bottles, chairs, whatever I get my hands on You can bet your bottom dollar they get some If you think you strong enough to take a shot (jump!) I bet you changin' your mind when you lookin' now (jump!) These niggas like to talk shit, then apologize (I'm sorry, I'm sorry) You put my name in a verse then I gotta ride [Hook x2] [Verse 2:] Look I'm a pimp Mine is the 3-piece suit My grill the same color as my GT Coupe Gators snappin' on my feet like they fresh out the jungle There's a nine in my vest, but it's a tec' in my Hummer I know I make y'all niggas wonder how I'm gettin' that cash (cash) Cause when we gotta drop, I ain't spendin' my last (my last) The prices (jump!) If you out of town and you need a bird (jump!) I could ban him and blow his brains on the fuckin' curve (jump!) You don't want beef wit my squad nigga (jump!) Come out the club off note, you gettin' rob nigga (jump!) Stupid if you wanted dawg These hollow tips gon' put you in a coma dawg. ya dig? [Hook x2] [Verse 3:] Hey! Niggas claim they got guns but they ain't shot nobody Or you a stick-up kid why you ain't got nobody? (stop lyin!) Niggas at the bar buyin' shit they can't afford You think he ballin' until you see his Honda Accord (Ha Ha!) And tell valet not to scratch my wheeeel Or he gon' leave here wit a busted liiiip Me and Crime Boss rollin' in my Coupe Deviiiille I ain't tryin' leave you in but I shoot to kiiiiiill Hey! I'm like Jeezy I trap or die (trap or die) And I don't pop, pop, I rather fire I'm a thug and you know it, you damn right I show it Twenty two's on my lotus just in case you haven't noticed [Hook x2] Hey I bet he won't (jump!) Keep talkin' all that shit but I bet he won't (jump!) Keep talkin' all that shit but I bet he won't (jump!) She talkin' all that shit but I bet she won't (jump!) She actin' like a bitch ‘cause I know she won't (jump!) Oh, Oh, Oh, you better not (jump!) Oh, Oh, Oh, you better not (jump!) Oh, Oh, Oh, y'all better not (jump!) You fuck around and get (jump!) Ha-ha! Whoo! Shout to my nigga Zab Judah Floyd Mayweather, Roy Jones, Winky Wright know what I'm sayin' What up to my nigga Bernard Hopkins Yeah, holla at yo boy!
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