Текст песни Aelyn ft. Ruben de Ronde - What About You (A.Galchenko Remix)

What About You / She's Already Gone (Remixes)
Жанр: Trance Vocal / Progressive Trance
Исполнитель: Ruben de Ronde ft. Aelyn
Альбом: What About You / She's Already Gone (Remixes)
Длительность: 06:52
Рейтинг: 767
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Загрузил: Harry Johnson


I forgot your name We didn’t see so many years I forgot your name And the time, when you were near. Unbelievable! But I’m fine,I feel so good! Unbelievable! I’m happy! How are you? What about you? I smile to you Wanna show you that I’m fine But since I saw you My heart beats again in love! I’ll tell you: “I’m happy! I`m in love!” But it’s not truth I still remember your heart What about you? How’s your life? Are you in love? What about you? Did you remember my smile? What about you? I`m so happy! I`m so sad! What about you? What about you? I missed you! What about you?
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