Текст песни Johnny Cash - Tennessee

Out Among The Stars
Жанр: Country Music
Исполнитель: Johnny Cash
Альбом: Out Among The Stars
Длительность: 03:26
Рейтинг: 623
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Загрузил: DiProff


Back about eighteen and twenty-five I left Tennessee very much alive I never would have made it through the Arkansas mud If I hadn't been ridin on the Tennessee stud I had some trouble with my sweetheart's pa One of her brothers was a bad outlaw I wrote a letter to my Uncle Fud And I rode away on the Tennessee stud CHORUS: The Tennessee stud was long and lean The color of the sun and his eyes were green He had the nerve and he had the blood And there never was a horse like the Tennessee stud Drifted on down into no man's land Across the river called the Rio Grande I raced my horse with the Spaniards fold Till I got me a skin full of silver and gold Me and the gambler we couldn't agree We got in a fight over Tennessee We pulled our guns, an' he fell with a thud And I rode away on the Tennessee stud CHORUS I rode right back across Arkansas I whipped her brother and I whipped her pa I found that girl with the golden hair And she was ridin' on a Tennessee mare CHORUS Pretty little baby on the cabin floor Little horse colt playin' 'round the door I love the girl with golden hair And the Tennessee stud loves the Tennessee mare CHORUS
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