Текст песни Tamia - You put a move on my heart

Best In Slow 2
Жанр: R'n'B / Pop / Ballad
Исполнитель: Tamia
Альбом: Best In Slow 2
Длительность: 06:11
Рейтинг: 862
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Baby, I just want you to understand Just exactly how you make me feel Oh, yeah I wanna feel you next to me Time after time when I'm feeling low Something inside of me let's me know It's alright, love's on my side When the world seems a lonely place I've got a dream that won't leave a trace Of the blues, I just think of you Baby I know I got a real thing here by my side Someone who needs me, holding me tight And these special feelings won't ever fade Cuz I knew from the start You put a move on my heart Baby our love's like a melody Playing for us in the sweetest key You could find the music of life And when we touch there's the warmest glow Heating and passion that heaven knows Is a dream, just for you, you and me and Baby I know I got a real thing, the love of my life Someone who needs me, and he fills me with pride Baby now, now and forever we'll never part Cuz you're the world to me You put a move on my heart I got a real thing I got a real love, yes I do Someone who needs me You're someone that needs a true love And these special feelings time can't erase Baby believe me, this isn't dreaming sugar I knew from the start You put a move on my heart Oh, you got through to my You got through to my heart, baby [Припев:] Baby can't you see You and I were meant to be Hold me, love me Put your hand in mine Love me till the end of time Hold me, love me [Repeat chorus while:] And don't let go I want you to touch me baby I want you Right here, right now Lay by my side sugar Thrill me tonight I wanna feel you in my arms baby Oh, and you know what I love when you're loving me Come closer I wanna feel your body pressed against mine
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