Текст песни Sycamour - Renaissance

Obscure: La Deuxieme
Жанр: Electronic / Alternative / Post-Hardcore
Исполнитель: Sycamour
Альбом: Obscure: La Deuxieme
Длительность: 03:17
Рейтинг: 518
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Загрузил: IAmJericho


I've heard it all before. All the sob stories Start with you gotta get out, end with you didn't want in. I've heard it all before. "A professional lover" It's more than most can speak for. Paint me a picture with your waist now, honey; Whoa-oh, and come over. Dilapidated veneer; Champagne on your snakeskin lips, Like we were celebrating the death of your innocence. God Damn. Lap dances to funeral hymns, To pay him, cause you don't want nothing to do with them. Life drained from this house just like a virgin crime. Paint me a picture with your waist now, honey; Whoa-oh, and come over. Hey, I think you're afraid. Don't pray for us. You can't save us; We never asked you to. You can't save us; Living with nothing to lose. I know you. I know you, soul. I've read those lines before. I've played that song; On the radio, in the obituaries. I've held that shovel before. (Yeah) Mine was made to bury; Dark things. Dark Places; Cold nights. Lives wasted away in the light. You're so much better in the night; When you're faceless. I'm faithless.
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