Текст песни Urbanisteria - Lights On

Lights On
Жанр: Nu-Metal / Rock 'n' Roll
Исполнитель: Urbanisteria
Альбом: Lights On
Длительность: 03:54
Рейтинг: 861
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Загрузил: yohssc


URBANISTERIA Song: Lights On It’s half past four and we are ready to roll Take all the flashlights and let’s go to the floor I don’t even mind that your muscles are tired Better make, one, two and prepare to fight What about light? And everybody knows where we are Because where it sounds loud, it’s Urbanisteria It’s a scream of your soul, it calls you to move feet Till your fire burned down, till your last heart beat Refrain: Lights On! Because we have something to say! Lights On! Because we won’t leave you the way! Lights On! Make a higher voltage, don’t feel sorry for paper We’ll write it on the next page Verse #1 Hey, hey! Can you hear it? A crowd has blown up Somebody has lost It’ll be lesson to him Now he knows the cost Yeah we’re not the best and you know it But we know about what we can do and we do it And we play! We are playing like no other I think I don’t need to say sorry to my father And to my mother Actually, I don’t need to say sorry to any other Ling ling, it’s my time to go It’s half past four and we are ready to roll One little mistake, and I’m lying on a floor The buzz in my head and pain in my jaw And it hurts, man (Ough…) It force me to lie still But pride said I can stand and I know that I will Refrain: x1 Now we will see who is the best, motherfucker! Verse #2 Blood on a cheek. Unbeaten and happy Your teeth looks like a ruby madness It’s so fabulous, Show me that your raising was not a waste of forces Well I guess Better force contestant to eat rusty dust Whroom! Whroom! mean machine Spectators screams Some fast exact moves, leadership is lost Here you stand One head above Beside opposite But it’s not enough Shined by the lights, everyone observe it These lights is for you, and I hope you deserve it Refrain: x …
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