Текст песни Grave Digger - Heroes Of This Time

Knights Of The Cross
Жанр: Heavy Metal
Исполнитель: Grave Digger
Альбом: Knights Of The Cross
Длительность: 04:10
Рейтинг: 1229
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Lozarg


[1] Now the time has come The pagans are finally gone Jerusalem in Christian hands The Templars raise their banners Innozenz gives them their benediction Epic songs all over the land Knights of the Cross die for religion Death in action brings the Promised Land Heroes of this time In their honour Church bells never Cease to chime Heroes of this time Paradise comes When blood flows Like wine [2] Martyrs made of steel Longing for God to reveal Outremer deadly holy ground Lives are lost, celestial bliss found In the middle of the twelfth century Their glamorous empire starts to crumble Fanatic assassins are seeking victory King Saladins army starts to rumble
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