Текст песни Suicidal Tendencies - Benediction

Suicidal For Life
Жанр: Hardcore / Thrash Metal / Crossover
Исполнитель: Suicidal Tendencies
Альбом: Suicidal For Life
Длительность: 01:01
Рейтинг: 517
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: rineheart


Oh yea, back again. Hope you've enjoyed our little excursions. Tipping, toeing thru the mind of a muthafucka that need's a little fuck'n stomping on. Yea, but don't take it wrong, see we ain't trying to tell you how to think, we're just trying to get you to think. And we ain't trying to control nobody, we want the people (individually speaking) to be in control, to know who they are and what they want to be. Yea, and question authority, what the fuck but not for sake of argument, but because you took the time to analyze it and you found a better fuck'n way, not just a fuck'n excuse to complain. And beware of people who try to use you as statistic to back their claims of power, that use you simply as a vehicle to get themselves where they want to, with no reference to your best interest except for their disclaimer that their best interest is your best interest. And remember... cool is only 3 letters away from fool!
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