Текст песни Human Collapse - Novembersmile

Darkness To Fall
Жанр: Melodic Metal / Doom Death Metal
Исполнитель: Human Collapse
Альбом: Darkness To Fall
Длительность: 06:10
Рейтинг: 287
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Загрузил: ag94


The road takes me through the piles of gold Empty shadows of a beauty once lost The wind is playing with locks of dead hair Bare-headed corpses stretch their arms in the air I walk through solemn scenery of decay A landscape painted only one shade of gray The air is touched by a cool gentle breeze A kiss to remind you that soon you will freeze But then i see the endless blue sea over my head Islands of white clouds drifting across For a while it seems that the perfect moment is there A fine point where the scales are in balance But the next second it becomes clear That it's just the last stop on the way To a final destination... The storm is coming To tear this peaceful sky The air will be ripped by thundering roar The earth shall tremble, and heavens fall Onslaught of the water and rage of the wind Will break down and tear the weakened limbs And while the horizon is quiet and clear I sense the attack is coming near So cherish these last few moments of calm Before all is lost to a merciless storm I bathe in the fading rays of sunlight The farewell smile I dream that these lips will touch my cheek One more time I remember the joy Of feeling the tender touch on my skin When the days were longer It's tempting to think they will return To warm our hearts again
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