Текст песни T.I. ft. Young Jeezy - I Need Dollas

Camaro Music
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: T.I. ft. Young Jeezy
Альбом: Camaro Music
Длительность: 03:01
Рейтинг: 271
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Загрузил: Josh Smith


[Aloe Blacc Sample] If I share with you my story would you share your dollar with me (Hey hey) Well I need a dollar, dollar, dollar that’s what I need (Hey hey) Said I need a dollar, dollar, dollar that’s what I need (Hey hey) And I need a dollar, dollar, dollar that’s what I need And if I share with you my story would you share you dollar with me [T.I - Verse 1] You know what it is Bitch still none other than the King Need green just to occupy my rubberbands Hundred grand at a time, keep it coming When I started I was trapping Woke up ballin like “what happened?” It’s gonna be hell to the captain Let’s just smoke up in this city Let me get a 100 milli and focus on a billi What’s the muthafuckin dilly nigga? You already know Profits at a steady flow, cheddar, paper, you already know Stay a step ahead of whoever when niggas say he go We never should’ve let him go to movies, television shows And who we foolin? He ain’t stupid His bankroll just meet his ego No less than seven zeroes, stimulate bitches libido So crazy just like Danger Mouse and Cee-lo From a kilo to a yacht in Cabo Chillin like December in Toledo He’s so hungry for the money like he’s still selling dimes Got a mill on his mind, dollar bill at a time [Hook] [T.I - Verse 1] Ain’t no vacation, working like a Jamaican Mixed with a Hatian Several different occupations, no exaggeration 18-20 hour days while you sleeping I’m making money Patient I ain’t tracin’ money, ‘less the conversation money What you saying dunny? Why you talking to me huh? Hundred bound vs a quarter mill a show, a mill a movie PRPS, Gucci, Louis, got my head as big as stewy 20 mills the answer if you ask mw how our crew are doing Now I keep it moving, no exception, no conclusion If we racing to the top, no competition, I’m a shoe-in And you in my way, don’t ruin my faith ‘Fore I pay a 100K for them to boo you off stage I’m way up front, stop playing, don’t prank Used to want dough like Jay-Z but now I’m thinking Donald Trump Bob Johnson, Warren Buffett, fuck it,a in’t that tough Hundred mils stacked up, dollar bills add up [Hook]
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