Текст песни Rili Dope - Mistakes

Booster Rooster
Жанр: Rapcore
Исполнитель: Rili Dope
Альбом: Booster Rooster
Длительность: 03:34
Рейтинг: 454
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Загрузил: 47


Rili Dope - Mistakes Verse 1: Now here’s da question: why da people so aggressive? Possessive actions brin’ destruction to da massive Dat ain’t no blessin’, anger blastin’, learn da lesson N now harassment takes da place, it’s like disaster N I don’t know now where we goin’, Time iz flowin’, n nowadayz it’s no love n I Cry time 2 time, pain inside ma mind I can’t understand why da nationz r so blind, It’s like malignant tumor in ma head, Ain’t no humor when da people layin’ dead I’m consumer I’m absorbin’ all da anger Da more I think about it, da more I’m gettin’ tangled Chorus: See me walkin’ by, see me hidin’ eyes, see me cry when I look into da sky See me walkin’ by, see me hidin’ eyes, see me cry when I look into da sky See me walkin’ by, see me hidin’ eyes, see me cry when I look into da sky See me walkin’ by, see me hidin’ eyes, see me cry, see me cry… Verse 2: I alwayz rockin’ on da mic like I’m da bad 1 I alwayz sayn’ somethin’ like “I’m so damn mad, son!” But it’s a mask, ma burden, cuz I’m da artist N I’m certain dat ain’t like dat n dat’s da hardest Part of ma life n ma existence, weak resistance 2 temptationz n for instance I Try 2 be a good Christian, a good man, A good son, a good boy n good friend… But nuttin’ happenz, all I do just keep on rappin’ Sometimez ma wordz r actin’ like a lethal weapon Ask 4 forgiveness from mum n dad, ma friendz n Lord Bein’ a good man – da thin’ I can’t afford Chorus Verse 3: All ma life iz bein’ played like a game Ever since ma pretty momma called me by ma muthafuckin’ name Time goes on n everybody grows © But da stankin-ass hoez try 2 play wit chu, so hold ya nose U know da rulez cuz da track iz gettin’ messy, They try 2 erase ya race wit da razor bladez, it’s gettin’ massive, Da race I mean iz ya family tree, u can run n flee But chu can’t hide from da industry U know, u can stay in da streetz, but chu will neva escape ya inner shit N every time ama fillin’ ‘em up wit prosperity They get it 4 granted like it’s a fuckin’ formality So what iz worth 2 do da best 4 da crowd Cuz 9 timez out of 10 they don’t know What da fuck u talkin’ about U talk garbage on da muthafuckin’ mic But they ain’t got it cuz u da muthafucka they like… Chorus
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