Текст песни Chops - My Rims

Breaking Bad: Season 2 - OST / Во все тяжкие: Сезон 2 - Саундтрек
Жанр: OST
Исполнитель: Chops
Альбом: Breaking Bad: Season 2 - OST / Во все тяжкие: Сезон 2 - Саундтрек
Длительность: 03:40
Рейтинг: 785
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Energ1zer


[Intro: Lil Weavah] Lil Weavah, shawty! [Hook] My rims keep shinin' and my paint keeps drippin' My rims, my- my- my rims, keep shinin' [Verse 1: Lil Weavah] I remember back in Washington High before we had a gym None of us had cars but hey, we loved to see them flashy rims Car come down ???, we sit back and rate your car My partner was told, they said if they really like they take your car Here come the ??? Catch us swervin' through the bluff and then crashin' ??? We all hit the scene, no screams, cause they ain't creepin' Talkin' 'bout 'let us take these wheels and we ain't givin' no ticket' I'm known around the city while most of my folk was trappin' I was somewhere just off in the studio probably rappin' (uh!) Checkin' the streets, ain't none of my partners actin' We once was broke 'til Grand Theft Auto gave us some practice [Hook] [Verse 2: Lil Weavah] Let's hit the cookout, shawty that's where them drugs at Shawty tell hoop earrings you know I love that (shawty) I see you're hot to talk (you're hot to talk) , I see your hips together (in leather) She wanna touch the rims, umm, and still I let her This one's for the hustlers who hustle all day and feed the block (feed the block) They leave the car white, they come through and they beat the block 'Look at the rims Lil Weavah got, look at the rims Lil Weavah got!' All them girls up on my block like 'look at the rims Lil Weavah got!' [Hook] If you know about Atlanta, this might help you in my city (town) Dre pulled up with them 26"s on his F150, yeah Bumpin' that Volume 3 We're tippin PSE (in the streets) Maybe the 15 hundred (nah) maybe the E Extreme Pull up to the block with my old folk from my old school We talkin' crap stars with crap cars lost in that old school So while the ??? out, bustin' Carlos, we talkin' Boxers ??? Cutlass, Montecarlos Some was on dubs you know, but most was probably deuces Some was on 24"s and 26"s, that ??? juicin' White with the red pipin', know how the story go Paint drippin', wet skittle, Mountain Dew, Oreo [Hook] [Outro: Lil Weavah] Yeah shawty, chops on the mic ??? It's your boy Lil Weavah, A-town Lil Weavah shawty, Southwest
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