Текст песни My Dying Bride - Fall With Me

For Lies I Sire
Жанр: Doom Metal
Исполнитель: My Dying Bride
Альбом: For Lies I Sire
Длительность: 07:17
Рейтинг: 1473
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Vziel


Our great god lies naked next to me I witnessed death in his beauty I feel him when he breathes, as we fall and I clasp him to me as we fall Shouldering your sadness unto me The great caldera moon to the east The annihilation from your eyes Flowing deep into me from your eyes You wallow in your suffering and swim in your senseless grief The shadow of your body Is cast upon only me Goodnight my love, goodnight. I fall upon your body Fall with me into my frozen flesh My hungry death You tremble before me and swallow my dying breath Caress me, undress me, forget me As winter comes Your pale skin, crystal eyes I will weep forever, oh my god why? As fire fell upon great Alexandria Our arms were close around us Forever gods turned away Give the word and down comes beautiful rain glorious pain Armies of salvation laid to waste The host lifts its desire from it's face In a memory from a past life leaps the beast Devouring all around, the colossal feast
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