Текст песни Chamillionaire - H Town Legend

Urban Junkie Magazine: The Simpsons Interview
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Chamillionaire
Альбом: Urban Junkie Magazine: The Simpsons Interview
Длительность: 03:39
Рейтинг: 291
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Загрузил: method_85


Hold up/ Hold up/ Been snatching hundreds out of bankrolls/ Been turning corners on you fake hoes/ Been super trill incase you ain't know/ Oh Oh Oh Oh (HOOK) H Town Legend/ H Town Legend/ H Town Legend/ H Town Legend/ Kinda like Pimp kinda like Bun kinda Like Face and Devin/ You are now in the presence of an H Town Legend/ (VERSE 1) I made a plan and then made the scrilla/ Made a movie then I made it bigger/ Made the one they said was the man/ go switch up his plan and became the dealer/ Back when Deion would play the Stealers/ Back when Michael created thriller/ I been trill you could listen to Bun and you could listen to Kirko it wouldn't make you triller/ Sitting back in my favorite villa/ Smoothie on the desk says vanilla/ I told my chic you put in work on this its like the perfect mix it woulda made ya shiver/ Fake it something I can't deliver/ Shed a tear till y'all made a river/ Y'all cry babies really need to let me be the one to pick your new baby sitter/ Ummm I'd probably pick Casey Anthony/I hope they come take your family/ I need to get my haters up because a haters really just a faker fan to me/ I see through your fake philanthropy/ A faker would hate to stand with me/ They see that I'm stackin' mail but you lazy beggers wouldn't get a stamp for free/ Embarrassments/ Have to pardon my absence/ Cuz I refuse to let you lil mini wannabes talk about me in past tense/ You ain't baller go sit on that bench/ Merci beaucoup I tell em that's French/ Took one percent and put it in my kitchen now all my tables got cash dents/ Used to move crates like this ain't narcotics/ They can talk money but they ain't no grinders/ Behind dark tint feeling like J Prince/ Every time you see me you should say your high ness/ Now you in the presence of the H Town's finest/ The main one that made the candy paint so timeless/ Told me money talks/ Went into the vault/ You can look at me and you can see it ain't no silence/ (HOOK) (Verse 2) Got the game from Lil O & ESG/ E had the candy blue EXT/ Wanted me a lac like Lil KeKe/ Now I got more cars than a DMV/ My was OG was Dj DMD Repping for Hawk and Pat Cuz these wack rappers ain't seen me/ Im talking bout real life not PS3/ Big Moe was the H Town's BIG/ Club Oasis I was VIP/ I said one day I'll be an OG/ Now the hustlaz in the street tryin' to be like me/ Used to send the product through COD Police keep asking me to see ID/ Slim Thugga taught me how to ride on vogues/ But Pimp told ya that the g a m e ain't free/ Ugh used to wanna be a baller just like Lil Troy/ Now I'm rolling in a car that some would kill for/ Been a minute since ya seen me on the Billboard/ Don't get it twisted this the city that I built boy/ Everybody always askin if I still tour/ Anybody sellin here will say I sell more/ When they see ya really happy then they kill joy/ Been a baller so you know that Ima still score/ Had a slab so I went and got a roadster/ Double seated so I didn't get a chauffeur/ See I was really underground for a long time/ Then I popped up out the ground like a gopher/ Wait a sec I gotta shoot out to the Clover/ Cuz in a minute like Flip its game over/ I don't really wanna have to say I told ya/ But wait a couple minutes and I promise you gonna know a.... (HOOK) (VERSE 3) The mixtape god who could be against you/ I got you Texas and you know I meant to/ Drop the album like last year Cuz im the dopest here and got the most potential/ merk instrumentals just with my mental/use a pen and pencil like a utensil / sharpen a pencil like its a ginsu/ Stick my weapon into your credentials/ ughh ooohh kill em/
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