Текст песни 9Th STREET (나인 스트릿) - Without Words (말도 없이)

A.N.JELL: You're Beautiful!
Жанр: J-Pop
Исполнитель: 9Th STREET (나인 스트릿)
Альбом: A.N.JELL: You're Beautiful!
Длительность: 04:04
Рейтинг: 612
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: schimka


Without a word English lyrics by hong_gau/hanzinu without a word I was hurt I should not have ignored it my heart goes on beating fast I don’t know how to explain it till now I can’t deny it anymore I should have just ran away not have looked back to find you Like something I could not see like something I can’t touch and feel but now I should never listen to love without a word you let me know what love is without a word I feel the feeling of love you made me look at you and let me hold your breath why does love never come to me? without a word love tried to leave me behind without a word love gave to me a goodbye what should I say to you? my heart is hurt falling tears are never enough you came without a word why does it hurt me so much? I can’t stand it anymore but it’s still much better than the fact that I can not see you till now I don’t realize that I miss you without a word love is out of my control without a word you stay, remain in my heart without a word I’m falling in love with you without a word my eyes keep looking at you I cry watching you smile and hope to make it mine why don’t you let me come closer? without a word I’m waiting for love to come without a word I’m hurt because of this love I don’t know how to say my heart is hurt I can do nothing but love you you came without a word without a word i love you always stay here by your side my heart goes on beating fast but I can understand it now So far... the answer is inside my heart.
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