Текст песни The Blue Stones - Rolling With The Punches

How's That Sound
Жанр: Alternative / Psychedelic Rock / Blues Rock
Исполнитель: The Blue Stones
Альбом: How's That Sound
Длительность: 03:21
Рейтинг: 1383
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They say that people are livin' in the street No food in their belly, no shoes on their feet Six black children livin' in a burned-up room One bare light bulb swinging Little black kid come home from school Put his key in the door Mr. Rat's on the stairway, Mr. Junkie's lyin' in his own vomit on the floor You gotta roll with the punches, little black boy That's what you got to do You got to roll with the punches Tap it baby There's all these boring people, you see 'em on the TV And they're making up all these boring stories About how bad things have come to be They say "You got to, got to, got to feed the hungry" "You got to, got to, got to heal the sick" I say we ain't gotta do nothin' for nobody 'Cause they won't work a lick, you know They just gonna have to roll with the punches, yes they will Gonna have to roll with them They gonna have to roll with the punches, yes they will It don't matter whether you're white, black or brown You won't get nowhere putting down The old Red, White and Blue Tap it baby. Alright. All right! Look at those little shorts he's got on, ladies and gentlemen You can see all the way to Argentina Get it So pretty Let 'em go to Belgium, let 'em go to France Let 'em go to Russia Well at least they ought to have the chance to go there We have talked about the red, we have talked about the blue Now we gonna talk about the white That's what we're gonna do Now we had to roll with the punches, yes we did We had to roll with 'em We had to roll with the punches Yes we did We had to roll with 'em I don't care what you say You're livin' in the greatest country in the world When you're livin' in the USA Tap it baby, alright All right
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