Текст песни Elvis Presley - I Want You With Me

Something For Everybody
Жанр: Rock 'n' Roll
Исполнитель: Elvis Presley
Альбом: Something For Everybody
Длительность: 02:16
Рейтинг: 770
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Загрузил: sanenok


When I was little, my mama said to me. Some day you'll find a love, son, to last eternally I want you with me, everyday I do Well please don't leave baby, oh I love you so I could be the ruler, of this whole wide world If you would only say that you'll be my girl I want you with me, every day I do Oh Girl you know I need you, I'm so in love with you There is no mountain, that I can't climb You find the mountain child and I will find the time I want you with me, with me night and day Oh girl you could me happy, oh baby don't you run away I'll swim an ocean with a raging foan If I know that you'll be there when I come back home I want you with me, Oh I love you so Well I want you with me baby I will never let you go ay-ay...I want you with me mm-ay-hay I want you with me Well I want you with me baby I will never let you go -oh - oh....
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