Текст песни Lyfthrasyr - Life Overdose

The Engineered Flesh
Жанр: Black Industrial / Extreme Metal
Исполнитель: Lyfthrasyr
Альбом: The Engineered Flesh
Длительность: 07:27
Рейтинг: 465
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Загрузил: Бэккер


Years flashed by I was distraught But now as they are endless Lethargic my award Enhanced for life not as a whole My lack of acceptation is now advanced debility To be immortal beyond the price of precious motivity Adverse reaction undesigned This is my fate eternally But I will not accept this fate I will not accept it I will live I will move Years flashed by I am forlorn The water still is running Whence-ever it may come My mind is clear The flesh dateless But something has gone wrong Now I have to find a way to Get a life - I can't Get a life - I want Get a life - I try Get a life - I will I was immortalized Despite of risk denaturalized By an injection made to ban All god like forces harming man But not all cell types did respond My mind is working body not Infested with vigil coma With gout-like torpor evermore But I'm sure that mind can control The matter itself to make me arise I can move I will move I will live Years flashed by I was distraught But now as they are endless Lethargic my reward Impaired for life Not as a whole Clear mind but gone motivity My price for immortality
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