Текст песни Free 2 Night - Free Tonight

Free Tonight
Жанр: Eurodance / Eurohouse
Исполнитель: Free 2 Night
Альбом: Free Tonight
Длительность: 05:38
Рейтинг: 2709
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Загрузил: bgriffin


I must be free tonight! Rap 1: When the dark is coming down you’re feeling all alone No one’s near all around to call by telephone Looking so right, It’s a big Friday night Drop your sorrow and unleash your might! Well, I gotta be the one to beat the bitter, stick it deeper turn the heat up and get your rhythm, Take your chance, I say in advance Right now it’s time to make new friends You gotta take a bass right in your face, tie up your lace Now choose your ways, okay It’s time to play, we’re hanging out until the day comes Now check the sounds, dudes and chicks hey bump and bounce My voice is everywhere worldwide We’re breaking free tonight! Refrain(2 раза): I must be free tonight! Freedom is what I seek! Babe, it's not for delight! It's my emergency... Rap 2: You’re not welcome… ha-ha, just kiddin’ Get over here, I wanna make ya feel the rhythm Call me just like you want See me now on every frontpage I’m counting no age Hear me kicking those rhymes on stage I hope you already know, That I’m kinda decent on the fast flow Gotta take your time and get a nickel for a dime Never never never hide emotions only to sublime Don’t bluff, but do the right stuff Never let your heart become dead and rough This eve is special, full of fashion I see: inside your eyes da fire is flashing I offer to you a kind of magic ride Join us, set yourself free tonight! Refrain. Bridge (2 раза): Ira: Leave your opinions to yourself! Viper: Free 2 Night, Free 2 Night! Ira: We'll make in right, we are free tonight!
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