Текст песни Janis Joplin - Turtle Blues

100 Hits: Blues Rock
Жанр: Classic Rock / Blues Rock
Исполнитель: Janis Joplin
Альбом: 100 Hits: Blues Rock
Длительность: 04:21
Рейтинг: 3368
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Загрузил: Fred Kru


Ah, I’m a mean, mean woman And I don’t mean no one man, no good, no. I’m a mean, mean woman, I don’t mean no one man, no good. I just treats ‘em like I wants to I never treats ‘em, honey like I should. Oh, Lord, I once had a daddy, He said he’d give me everything in sight. Once had a daddy, Said he’d give me everything in sight. Yes, he did So I said, “Honey, I want the sunshine, you take the stars out of the night. Come on and give ‘em to me, babe, ‘cause I want ‘em right now.” I ain’t the kind of woman Who’d make your life a bed of ease, ha ha ha ha! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I’m not the kind of woman, no, To make your life a bed of ease. Yeah, but if you, if you just wanna go out drinkin’, honey, Won’t you invite me along please. Oh, I’ll be so good to ya babe, yeah! Whoa, go on! I guess I’m just like a turtle That’s hidin’ underneath its horny shell. Whoa, whoa, oh yeah, like a turtle Hidin’ underneath its horny shell. But you know I’m very well protected — I know this goddamn life too well. Oh! Now call me mean, you can call me evil, yeah, yeah, I’ve been called much of some things around, Honey, don’t ya know I have! Whoa, call me mean or call me evil I’ve been called much of some things, all things around, Yeah, but I’m gonna take good care of Janis, yeah, Honey, ain’t no one gonna dog me down. Alright, yeah.
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