Текст песни Jefferson Airplane - Planes

Jefferson Airplane
Жанр: Rock / Psychedelic Rock
Исполнитель: Jefferson Airplane
Альбом: Jefferson Airplane
Длительность: 04:28
Рейтинг: 1707
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: savage1205


I love Planes Jet Aircraft I love Planes Jet Aircraft He was just a little boy and he sat there in his school And the little girl in the very next chair she thought he was so cool And she watched him draw and draw Planes and wings and flying things Even during tests he'd keep on drawing And his mother didn't want him and his father was always working so he Just set his head to the center of the sky and dreamed of FLYING at first like a leaf floating in the air Now like an eagle soaring there FLYING Great roaring engines now will lift my wings Rockets now and spacecraft to the center of the sky I'm getting ready for a great leap forward Ready for a leap in the pool Ready to touch the stars again Ready to go back to school Puttin' the pieces together Put on your wings and come with me and Fly fly fly to the center of the sky let's go Flying I love Planes Experimental Aircraft I love Planes Jet Jet Jet Aircraft Breaking through The sound barrier Into Into the Light And the little boy is still like a little boy and he met another little girl and they made another little boy And the new little guy still loves planes and flying things And both his mother and father love him and Hold him and hug him whenever he needs it and Soon will send him lovingly to the center of the sky and teach him Flying and Dreaming and Visions True Flying I love Planes Jet Aircraft I love Planes Sensual Aircraft
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