Текст песни Eye Of Solitude - Act III - He Who Willingly Suffers

Canto III
Жанр: Doom Death Metal
Исполнитель: Eye Of Solitude
Альбом: Canto III
Длительность: 13:03
Рейтинг: 378
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Загрузил: LORD GORE


Fear - no one else in this dream Sorrow - scarring no one else Stay in my dreams Follow me End your soul Remorse feeds the pain Even though The soul bleeds How hard a thing it is to say What was this forest Savaged rough and stern Which in my every thoughts renewes the fear So bitter it is And death is a little more But of the good to treat Which there i found Speak will i of the other things i saw I cannot well repeat How there i entered So full was i of slumber At the moment which i was abandoned In a true way breath i have reached And i saw and i felt At the point i knew the valley was terminated Which had when consternation pierced my hearth Although upward i looked And i beheld my shoulders Vested already with the planet's rays Which leadeth onto the night or day Then it was the fear A little quieter That in my heart's like had endured throughout And the night... Oh no the night which i had passed so pittiously And even as he He who disturbed my slumber With his distressful breath Turns to the word Perilous And gazed And so did my soul That still was playing ownward Turned itself to be behold the pass Which never Never yet a living person left After my weary body i had rested The way resumed I on this desert slope So that the firm foot ever was the lower And lower and Lower above the rage of Death Mourning the soul Prays in void He Who meets the sorrow All left in slumber Soul dismembered He who willingly suffers
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